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Sue Bryce is an outstanding entrepreneur who has developed a unique business from her experience and love of being a portrait photographer for close to 30 years. Her goal continues to be to help drastically change the lives of other current and aspiring photographers with important information regarding their creativity, production, confidence, education, networking with portrait photographers from throughout the world, and their ability to build up and market their own businesses. They learn the high value of their craft and that they should be compensated for that talent.

With that mission in mind, she created Sue Bryce Education. She wants her members to realize their business dreams and offers so many benefits, some of which are the following:


Attending Workshops

Members will have the opportunity to attend in-person workshops and multi-day conferences valued at $299 or more each but included in the membership. Those and other events feature master educators; or, if you cannot come, you can access complete recordings afterward.


Listening to the Live Broadcast

Her LIVE Broadcast each month from her Los Angeles studio is exclusively for members. She shares her knowledge on many pertinent subjects, challenges, how to get to the next level, and interacts with her online audience by answering questions. If members cannot participate in real time, they have access to all her archived LIVE sessions and all past LIVE events and broadcasts.


Access to Sue Bryce Education Video Library

The Sue Bryce Education video library has more than 900 educational videos, with each specific topic focusing on a step-by-step guide with exact instructions to give visual and business inspiration. Some of the subjects are how to pose different body types, styling, lighting, shooting, retouching, sales, how to create marketing materials to attract clients, how to figure pricing, and other outstanding ideas.

Bryce also gives provides members with access to an exclusive online store that offers special discounts from partner companies along with marketing, gift voucher templates, and many more items.


The Portrait Masters Conference 2019

This conference will be hosted by Sue Bryce Photographer and The Portrait Masters from September 3 through 6 at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix. This is considered to be the year’s elite photography conference. There will be three days of learning, photo shoots, networking, after-hour parties, and much more. Bryce gives prospective entrepreneurs the resources and opportunities they need to be successful.