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Podcasts are the perfect way to learn while multitasking, making them a great tool for any entrepreneur. Women especially; specifically, those with a never ending to do list, can find inspiration and knowledge through listening while on the move. Podcasts can entertain you during your commute, while you work out, or when you are just looking to learn a new business strategy or get inspired.

Here are five great podcasts specifically for women entrepreneurs.

So Money
Best selling author and financial strategist, Farnoosh Torabi provides stories and tips from some of the greatest minds in business. You can listen to the financial journey of authors and influencers to pick up advice on how they’ve mastered their money. Torabi interviews a plethora of inspiring people and gets them to share their wins, failures, and habits. Each friday she answers questions from listeners regarding career, money, and everything in between.

Brand New Nation
This is a great podcast for anyone building a personal brand. The two hosts, Dani and Kris, interview content creators. Topics such as how to build your brand, gain followers, and promote your business online are covered. Each episode contains discussions with guests on how they’ve built their careers and created a living doing what they love.

The Strategy Hour
The Strategy Hour provides listeners with great marketing tips and strategies to grow business. Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams share their experience of growing their hobbies into a successful business. A wide range of topics are covered, including generating sales, social media, systems, outsourcing, and productivity. The women also interview influential entrepreneurs and get their advice on marketing and treating a passion like the business you want it to be.

Women Taking the Lead
This podcast is aired interview style twice a week. Host, Judi Flynn speaks with women and men who promote women in leadership roles. This is a truly inspiring podcast that helps listeners create the positive mindset necessary to be successful. Listen to leadership stories from the perspectives of both genders and learn how to turn what you’re most passionate about into your livelihood.

The Femtrepreneur Show
The Femtrepreneur show contains some of the best, most practical advice and strategies for creating a successful business. Megan Minns and Mariah Coz team up to provide listeners with effect ways to build, manage, and maintain a business. The podcast has information on how to hone in on a niche, benefit from online courses, and launch a website. Whether you are starting a website or selling a product these two women offer you the tools and knowledge of technology you need.