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Historically, women have been underrepresented when it comes to business ownership and entrepreneurship. This effects of a variety of areas–they are given fewer loans, face more obstacles when it comes to gaining funding, and often face misogyny and discrimination in the workplace. On average, women-owned businesses start smaller, stay smaller, and bring in less revenue than men-owned. So how can we balance this statistic, and why?
Promote Women-Owned Businesses on Social Media

If you have had a positive experience with a business or align with what they stand for, do the business a favor and use your social media accounts to bring them further patronage. A positive review or a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can go a long way and help you holistically support a business–for free–past your patronage.

Donate to Organizations that Help Increase Female Entrepreneurship

If you are a person who already has the platform and monetary backing to donate to philanthropies, or even if you are just a person with some spare change, there are plenty of organizations that help increase female entrepreneurship. Some examples are Womentum, Women Venture, and WENGlobal.

Make an Effort to Outreach

This effort to outreach and build a network can come in many forms. If you are a female entrepreneur who is looking to join the world of women-led businesses, numerous business communities function both on a local and national level. Some examples of these include the National Association of Women Business Owners, the American Business Women’s Association, or Catalyst. There are always many conferences and conventions that provide opportunities for female business owners to build strong alliances and networks. If you can not find a chapter around you or one that particularly suits your needs, do not be afraid to start your own. Any opportunity to get a bunch of successful and ambitious women in the same space will be a positive one.
Host or Be a Part of a Panel

Hosting a panel or joining a panel or even just providing a space for one can significantly help build community and awareness of female-led businesses In the community. It can also spark up the very productive conversation about success stories, obstacles faced, and techniques when running a business. A panel, as well, can either be made to surround a specific topic, or be broader. Feel free to make this fit your needs, or appeal to the audience you would like to interest.