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While everyone from new graduates to career professionals are aware of the important, hard skills it takes to succeed, there are also a number of soft skills critical to maintaining and growing in your profession.

Soft skills include things like how you function and interact with others in the workplace. They are key, especially in today’s world where the work environment is so fast changing. Although soft skills are not necessarily taught in school, they are a fundamental way to better yourself and your career.

Here are a few must-have soft skills for success.

Failures are a huge part of life. However, how you deal with setbacks is critical. Instead of focusing on the problems that stand in your way, put all your attention into attaining your long-term goals. Having reliance keeps your confidence up and allows you to face challenges with grace and determination. Handling stress in a more positive manner can set you apart in the workplace.

Verbal Communication
Having strong communication skills are how you sell others on your ideas or services. Whether you are presenting something or explaining your value when you’re up for a promotion you need to feel comfortable and confident conveying your ideas.

When you are able to empathize with others the opportunity for a successful interaction grows exponentially. Empathy helps us to communicate with others better by understanding their feelings and thus their reactions. When we communicate genuinely, using empathy people feel heard. This can be an especially important soft skill for those in leadership. When employees feel that they are seen and heard, they tend to have more respect for those in charge.

More and more companies expect employees to have the ability to collaborate and work together effectively.  Sharing knowledge can help to capitalize on the diverse perspectives within an organization and contribute to a successful outcome.

Todays work landscape is always shifting. It is a critical skill to be able to change gears when necessary and respond to the issue at hand. Depending on the industry, technology can switch over night and it’s important that you are able to not only learn quickly, but do so with ease. Solving problems can seem less daunting when you have an open mind.

Being creative isn’t something easily taught. However, it is incredibly valuable for a company to hire employees that have a creative mind. Those that can look at a situation and create new solutions or contribute ideas that haven’t been tried yet are what helps a business grow and thrive.