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When a company has a steady, positive company culture, employees are often more productive, energetic, and are excited to contribute to the success of the company. They enjoy coming to work every day and will be less likely to seek employment elsewhere. However, as soon as the company culture begins to decline, the future of the company can be at risk. Here are a few warning signs that may indicate a change is needed immediately.


Employees Under Too Much Pressure


Pressure in the workplace can be effective to ensure employees complete their work efficiently. However, if employees experience too much pressure from their managers, it often brings out the worst in employees and causes them to make unethical decisions in order to meet employer expectations. If this occurs on a continuous basis, it can lead to a rapid negative change in company culture. Once employees are feeling micromanaged and constantly pushed to do more, they may start doing whatever it takes just to get the job done and will stop caring about how they are doing it.


Employees Not Held to an Acceptable Standard


When an employee makes frequent mistakes, employers must hold those employees accountable for their actions by providing additional coaching, training, or even discipline. If employers overlook employees who are not performing well, it sets the standard lower than intended and allows employees to continue doing the bare minimum. This can easily become the new company culture if employers do not act as soon as it becomes an issue.


Employees Not Trained Properly


Companies can have prodigious policies in place, but if employees are not properly trained on those policies, they can become ineffective in training and protecting the workforce. Policies such as corporate compliance, sexual harassment, ethical behavior, and drug use all need to be discussed annually during mandatory training sessions to ensure a negative company culture does not ever stem from untrained employees.


Employees Not Diverse Enough


The most successful companies are the ones whose workforce is diverse. Having a workforce that includes people with different cultural backgrounds, mindsets, and personalities allows for not only more creative ideas to take root, but for more innovative ways to make positive change happen. If a workforce becomes dominated by people who are too similar, it could hinder a company from thriving in an ever-changing world.