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Tyra Banks is a name that practically everyone knows–she is associated heavily with the modeling industry, the fashion scene, and, of course, television. However, even these modes do not cover the full breadth of the entrepreneur world that Banks is involved in. She has established herself in numerous other fields to successfully build a brand that is both globally recognizable and holistic in its reach. Here are some of the other areas that Banks has impacted:

She is a Successful Author

In 2010, Banks first young adult novel was published. It is a book titled Modelland, and it is based on her own life as a model and as one of only seven women to have repeatedly been among the world’s most influential people, according to Time magazine. The book topped The New York Times Best Seller list in 2011 and was published in a wide range of countries across the world.

She is a Renowned Producer

Although it is well known that Banks has appeared and even hosted numerous television shows and has made her name as a television personality, it is far lesser known that she is also a producer. For her show America’s Next Top Model, she was not just the host but also the executive producer for twenty-two seasons until the show canceled in October 2015. Once the show revived, she remained executive producer. She was also co-creator of the show True Beauty and her talk show, The Tyra Banks show.

She is a Generous Philanthropist

Banks’ role as a philanthropist allows her personhood and passion for helping other people to shine through the multimillion-dollar brand she has built. She still, through it all, finds the time to develop her own philanthropic goals and donate to those of others that she cares about. Banks established a program called TZONE, which funds non-profit organizations to foster supportive female relationships and develop leadership skills, personal accountability, self-esteem, and more. This is one of the many philanthropic initiatives she has driven.