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This article will provide a list of conferences that are hosted and run individually for women in the business field and female entrepreneurs. Not only do they provide a place for the exchange of ideas and new information, but they also create an opportunity to network with women and form lifelong friends.

Revenue Summit

This conference is usually in early or mid-April and is consistently run out of San Francisco, California. The focus is sales and marketing, and it emphasizes methods to increase revenue in response to developing successful marketing strategies.  


Collision is a two-day conference based in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is mostly a technology conference, and has been lauded as “America’s fastest-growing tech conference.” It is a place where innovative CEO’s, founders, investors, and potential mentors all come together to share ideas on how cutting-edge technology can be used in new ways to improve their business.


ICON is run out of Phoenix, Arizona, in late April over the course of a couple of days. It aims to draw small business owners as well as entrepreneurs who are just starting out. With this in mind, it wants to provide solid advice for those early in their career as well as create a nest for inspiration and exchange of ideas that entrepreneurs can take back and apply to their strategies.


GrowCo, like Collision, is run out of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. However, it focuses on small business growth and entrepreneur self-improvement. It is a three-day event that was started and is curated by Inc. magazine. It draws a consistent crowd due to impressive keynote speakers and riveting panels like no other.

South by Southwest

This conference, as the name implies, is run out of the south–in Austin, Texas– and is a nine-day long conference. The event takes a highly interdisciplinary approach and combines technology, arts, and humanities. It provides workshops, social activities, and networking events, bringing both a formal and casual approach to learning.