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More and more companies are starting to focus on having a diverse workforce. On the surface level, that may be seen as a way to stay “politically correct”, or a way to say they’re diverse to help their reputation, but being a diverse company is much more than that. Instead, having diversity among your employees can help lead to a higher success rate in your business. Why would that help a company be more successful?


Different Perspectives

It should go without saying that people with different backgrounds and experiences are going to have different perspectives on situations that may arise in the workplace. If you run an online newspaper, for example, you could have five separate journalists with varying views on the most significant achievements of 2019. Having these different viewpoints can be crucial to making your company stand out in the field you’re in, because one of these employees may bring up something you would have never thought of otherwise.


Better Decision Making

According to Cloverpop, diversity equates to better decision making. A diverse team can come up with better business decisions 87% of the time, while individuals only make better decisions 58% of the time. Having a group of geographically diverse employees working on an issue together increases the number of solutions for a question, which in turn leads to better and more informed results.


Higher Employee Engagement and Reduced Turn-Over Rates

People work best when they feel appreciated and valued for the effort they put forth, allowing them to engage further with the task at hand. The link between employee engagement and diversity is simple: if an employee feels included, they’ll be more involved in their work. If they are engaged with their work, the likelihood of them staying with the business increases as well, leading to reduced turnover rates within the company.


Increased Innovation

The combination of different perspectives and decisions, as well as the longevity of a person’s employment with the same company, can lead to an increased amount of innovation within the workplace. A more diverse workforce is 1.7 times more likely to be innovators in the market they are in, which can, in turn, help profit and the reputation of your business.


These are only a few examples of why diversity is beneficial in the workplace. Having an increased number of diverse employees will help rather than hurt you in the long run, so there’s no reason not to consider it when interviewing your next batch of applicants.